Portugal's’ kosher wines

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If wine is kosher the quality is the same,  what makes a wine is kosher  is  strict rabbinical production techniques in accordance with Jewish dietary laws. A kosher wine cannot include any chemical or animal additives, gelatin, lactose, glycerin, corn products or non-wine yeasts.  The equipment and machinery must be used exclusively for the production of kosher products. So, with along history of Jewish culture and traditions, here are a few of Portugal's wine that are kosher:

++ Cordovero, First Kosher Port Wine - The American Royal Wine Corporation  the first Kosher Port Wine, the Cordovero Ruby. The Port Wine is made by The Fladgate Partnership/Quinta and Vineyard Bottlers in their winery at Quinta da Nogueira in São João da Pesqueira. Royal Wine Corporation supplies the kosher wine alcohol, after approval by the Instituto dos Vinhos do Douro e do Porto (IVDP). Cordovero is a very common Jewish name with as most important rabbi Mozes Cordovero (1522 - 1570).

++ The Adega Cooperativa da Covilhã makes kosher wine which is certified by a rabbi from Israel– Terras de Belmonte

++ Sociedade Agricola Félix Rocha, Lda produces a wine called  BEN ROSH also certified, the winemaker is  Tiago Carvalho