Network of traditional taverns of the Alto Tamega and Barroso

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The Network of Tabernas of the Alto Tamega is growing. Currently, there are more than a dozen spaces where traditional, starting with the food, is the watchword. But the Association for the Development of High Tâmega, who promoted the project, wants to have more taverns to operate and boost the local economy. These spaces have also been constituted as cornerstones for promoting tourism in the region. Indeed, one of the promoters of requisites taverns is "thorough knowledge" of the area and the region where they live in order to be able to give adequate information about the tourist attractions that guests can visit. The idea is that agents are proactive and cultural heritage of the region. Typically, groups are welcome, especially in the area of ​​Porto and Minho. Some travel all the locations which are part of the network. For now, there are 11, but the idea is that there will be about two dozen.


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