Joana, the cook-ready-to-wear

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The world has lost a marketer, but won a tour guide and a wonderful cook. Joana Vieira, 36, invented a new profession and it is difficult to find a word to summarize or describe the craft. She takes guests on custom sightseeing tours in Porto and serves them picnics on magical places, like the balcony on the Douro. This work is actually a fusion of two jobs that Joana, a married mother of a 4-year-old girl, has created for herself when she lost her job in marketing forever. In the Porto á Porter ( Joanna is building a tailored route, accompanying guests on a specific tour or even taking them to picnics with a view of the landscape. The other side of it is called DaJoana (and is on Facebook) and is custom catering with home delivery, which fits everything from gatherings with a few or many people, meals ready to freeze or daily menus.

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