Olalhas aims to attract tourists with fountains route

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"Route of the Water" will bring visitors to know the nooks and corners of Olalhas on a tour to ancient sources.

The parish Olalhas in Tomar now has a new tourist attraction with the opening of the "Route of the Water,” enabling visitors to learn about ancient fountains that have been restored.  In addition to the new picnic area in Alqueidão along the river, the route will tour the recovered sources and the following: Fonte Casal Novo (Aboboreiras); Fonte da Amêndoa; Fonte do Carqueijal; Fonte da Prata (Vendas do Rijo); Fonte do Casal da Bica (Vale da Idanha); Fonte do Cardal; Fonte Lameiras e Parque Merendas (Montes); Fonte da Vialonga; Fonte dos Namorados (Olalhas) and Fonte do Mexiel (Alqueidão).

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