Discover Lisbon With Flights from Montreal Starting at $1056

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SATA Airlines wants to help travelers discover the beautiful city of Lisbon this summer. With round trip flights from Montreal to Lisbon from $1,056 (CAD), all taxes and fees included, this experience is available between April 5 and August 16, 2013. Prices are guaranteed until August 16.

Come and check out the amazing value and incredible sights, flavors and sounds of this capital city of Europe. Dive into a city of contrasts: unpretentious, casual and sophisticated, combined with rich history and magnificent monuments.

Enjoy typical outdoor dinners with grilled fresh fish paired with vino verde, Portugal’s “green wine,” and join the trendiest clubs at night. Get lost in the many viewpoints peppered throughout Lisbon’s hills and enjoy sunny rides on the yellow trams and elevators. Celebrate summer on breathtaking beaches nearby and imbibe in the cultural events, fairs and urban art scattered everywhere throughout the city.

SATA Airlines has connected North America with the Azores and mainland Portugal for more than 25 years. Today it offers direct flights on wide-body A310 aircraft to São Miguel, the main island in the Azores archipelago. Connecting flights from São Miguel to Lisbon and/or the island of Madeira are available. The carrier is part of the SATA Group. For more information and reservations, contact Azores Express at 800-762-9995, or visit

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