Corvo, Solar Island

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Corvo will be the first island in the Azores, Portugal to have solar panels and heat pumps in all its homes, a project that will allow the island to reduce monthly expenses population and improve the quality of life.The first phase of the installation of solar panels and heat pumps to replace butane gas consumption in Corvo is practically complete, and involved 37 of the 145 existing houses inhabited an island with little more than 400 inhabitants.The local government is currently paying 24.18 euros for transport per gas cylinder between Ponta Delgada and Corvo, with 300 being shipped each month.That number will now drop to 100.This is the first phase of this project with an investment of about 400 million euros, through a direct collaboration between the Regional Government and the Town of Corvo, having a direct impact on the efficiency of the island to provide the population with better energy supply. For the second phase of the project, which will install solar panels and heat pumps in 108 homes, is currently under review. In the 37 homes that were already have installed the equipment, people can finally use the dishwasher in the kitchen and take a shower, and the water temperature is always the same.

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