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Coa Museum nominated for European Museum of the Year, 2012

Thursday, 02 February 2012 00:00

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The Coa Museum, located in the Coa Valley in the Northeast of Portugal, has been nominated for the award of European Museum of the Year for 2012. Every year the European Museum Forum creates a list of worthy institutions from over twenty countries, and in doing so promotes the quality of European museums. Nominations are based upon efforts of attracting visitors through programs in marketing, communication, and interpretation. The final decision on the Museum of the Year will take place in May in the Portuguese city of Penafiel. The Coa Museum is the largest outdoor museum in the world, characterized by the Rock Art of the Coa valley, which consists of hundreds of rock engravings dating back to the Paleolithic Age.

Centro de Arte Moderna Gerardo Rueda opens in Matosinhos

Monday, 16 January 2012 00:00

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Matosinhos aims to be the “port” of the arts by aligning itself to become one of the major artistic centers in Portugal.  Represented in major museums in the world, the famous Spanish painter and sculptor Gerardo Rueda (1926-1996) had an artistic background, from Cubism to the to neoconstructivism.  The Modern Art Centre is divided into three different core areas:  -Anthology of Gerardo Rueda that is comprised of16 works, presents pieces from various periods of his production, with special emphasis on the final stage.

-Exhibition of Modern art collection Gerardo Rueda-dedicated to a part of his immense collection, in which there are approximately one hundred works.

-Temporary exhibition of Luis Noronha da Costa-consists of about 30 works and entitled “Noronha da Costa: the Transformation of the Image“. The anthology combines several periods of the artist's work most being represented in the collection of modern art generated by Rueda.

Lisbon’s National Museum of Ancient Art (NMAA) just conducted a survey of foreign tourists who visited this summer

Tuesday, 29 November 2011 17:06

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In addition to many other positive points, more than 82% of those visitors surveyed expressed a very favorable or excellent opinion of the Museum. The Museum also has a newsletter in English.

Right now, there is also an interesting temporary exhibition: “Cuerpos de Dolor. The Image of the Sacred in Spanish Sculpture, 1500-1750” - Encompassing the golden centuries of Spanish sculpture, this exhibition includes a selected sample of the remarkable collections from the museum Museo Nacional de Escultura ( Valladolid, Spain), known as “The Sculpture Prado”. For the first time, Portugal has the privilege of hosting more than thirty pieces from great Spanish sculptors such as Berruguete, Juan de Juni, Pompeo Leoni, Gregorio Frnandez, Alonso Cano, Pedro de Mena, Pedro de Sierra or Salzillo.

The Museu Nacional de Arte Antiga is Portugal’s national gallery. In the first half of 2011, the Museum reported a 47% percentage increase in visitors over 2010, making up 88% of the new visitors for the period to Portugal's government-run museums. This data is from a study called Visitors to Museums and Palaces by IMCA - the institute that oversees museums for the state. The National Museum of Ancient Art collection includes works by Hieronymus Bosch and Nuno Goncalves.


Manuel Cargaleiro Gets Museum

Tuesday, 06 September 2011 00:00

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A new museum in Castelo Branco is paying homage to the life and work of painter and ceramic artist Manuel Cargaleiro. The Cargaleiro Museum space is home to nearly 5,000 works, including paintings, ceramic art, sculpture, tile and tapestries. The space can be visited from Tuesday to Sunday between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. The museum is located in a new, three floor building in Castelo Branco's historic zone, where guests can appreciate works by artists like Pablo Picasso alongside Cargaleiro's own. “I spent over 60 years collecting art and saving the things I did for one day when I could show it to the public in the spirit of teaching,” Cargaleiro said, adding that the opening to the public constituted the realization of one of his lifetime goals. Mayor Joaquim Morão already considers “the Cargaleiro Museum an excellent instrument in the promotion of Castelo Branco.” The Manuel Cargaleiro collection is extensive, already assuring a diverse offering of temporary expositions through the next few years. The museum is located at Rua dos Cavaleiros, Nº 23, 6000-189 Castelo Branco. For more information call 272 337 394, email or visit


Tomar Renovates Synagogue to Attract Tourism

Sunday, 28 August 2011 00:00

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The city of Tomar will renovate its city's synagogue, the only fifteenth-century Sephardic temple that exists in the Iberian Peninsula, in order to enhance its “value as a touristic and cultural landmark in the county.” The city, in agreement with regional press, has already received over 25,000 euros from Lisbon Regional Tourism and Tejo Valley in order to finish the first of six phases. “This is for the acquisition of time-appropriate furniture in order to give unguided temple visitors a historic background,” said Rosário Simões, Deputy Mayor of Tomar, explaining that the furniture will help visitors to independently interpret and understand the monument. The town intends to rehabilitate the already-built space, and described an activity plan for the monument, presented by the city executive during the town meeting held on Thursday July14th, 2011. “We're having meetings with the Regional Directorate of Culture in order to direct physical intervention, at the level of the building, while allowing the city to intervene in the building's rehabilitation and activation.” Besides the interpretive center and physical intervention, the project is also planning the publication of promotional material and books, a tourism program and an explorative learning project, all ways to implement the phases that represent an investment of 54,500 euros.


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