Cabo Girao, in Madeira considered one of the world’s hottest “non-fiscal” cliffs to experience in 2013 by Hideaways International

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Hideaways InternationalTM revealed recently its timely list of the world’s hottest “non-fiscal” cliffs to experience in 2013.

“All the talk of a looming fiscal cliff got us thinking about the real, must-see-in-your-lifetime cliffs we’ve encountered in 34 years of global travels,” says Mike Thiel, Founder/President of Hideaways International™, Inc. (, this country’s premier travel club. “Our picks for ‘Top 7 Non-Fiscal Cliffs’ are dramatic sea cliffs with breathtaking views and heart-stopping drop-offs, the kind where the outlook is actually inspiring. And, unlike the impending fiscal cliff, each one will leave you feeling on top of the world.”

Cabo Girão in Madeira is a lofty sea cliff is set along the southern coast of the island of Madeira, in this Portuguese archipelago off the Atlantic coast of North Africa. Towering as much as 1,932 feet above sea level, these cliffs are among Europe’s highest. “A transparent glass skywalk similar to the one at the Grand Canyon was recently unveiled here, so you can experience a vertigo-inducing view over the rocky cliff face—it has a real ‘gasp’ factor,” says Thiel. Hideaways hotel pick: Reid’s Palace.

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