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Media Inquiries

We want to be of service!

If you are planning a media trip to Portugal, you may request assistance from the Portugal National Tourism Office, but you must meet the following criteria: You must provide us with:
  • Your complete contact information, including your name, the publication’s name, circulation.
  • The focus of your article.
  • A written confirmation of your assignment.
  • The publication’s readership must match the target markets of the Portugal National Tourism Office.
  • The article should promote tourism in Portugal and/or promote Portugal in a positive way. We reserve the right to refuse requests at our discretion.

To request assistance, fill out the Contact Form.

Members of the media based in Canada should send an email to

What else do you need?

1) View and download our on-line Press Kit.

2) Find photos of Portugal: Visit Images of Portugal, where you can choose and download, at no charge, more than 1000 photos to accompany your stories. The copyright policy must be followed. Also, a number of freelance photographers in the United States have stock photographs of Portuguese places and people, including: Emily Brooke Sandor, Graciela Cattarossi

3) See Video of Portugal

4) The latest media releases from Portugal’s tourism industry always appear, with the most recent first, here in News.

Finally, a note to our friends in the media:

Whenever you write an article or produce a broadcast piece, we would greatly appreciate it if you would include the following contact information for your audience:

  • Personal visits are welcomed to the office located at: 590 Fifth Avenue – 4th Floor, New York, NY 10036-4702. Open Mondays through Fridays between 9:00 a.m and 5:00 p.m eastern time.
  • Request brochures by phone at 1-800-Portugal or by email. Always include full mailing address.
  • For flight information visit TAP Portugal, Azores Express, Continental, and US Airways

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